Through no fault of parenting, teaching or coaching, a select group of young people will grow up and struggle with everyday situations for the rest of their lives. It’s as if fate put them on a path 3 steps behind the trail leader that guarantees tree branches whipping into their face with every step forward. These unfortunate souls continuously make poor decisions in finance, career choices, mate selection and peer preference. Whatever they decide will be wrong and even if they would go opposite their gut instinct, they’re still doomed to suffer the backlash of an errant selection. Experience and foresight are what guides most people’s resolutions, but in the world of a struggler, miscalculation and straight up stupidity are now the chariots of choice. Struggler Sam woke up this morning with a druggy named Debra in his bed. Looking through his wallet, he realizes he only has $14 left to get him to Friday and today is Sunday. “Goddamn bartender must have over charged me,” he muttered. Rent is due next Saturday and he can cover that with his check but that’ll make him broke again. Looking out back, he notices his car is at a slight angle and remembers that he hit the curb breaking the control arm. The refrigerator is empty, so Sam and his brand-new love Debbie, will have to eat in restaurants with a credit card. Sam figures he’ll be calling in sick on Monday as he will spend the day helping Deb move in. This evening will be devoted to trying to inseminate his soul struggler so as to have a little bastard that will cement the relationship for life. But first over to Ricky’s house to borrow $200 at 20% interest and then score some Oxy’s so Deb succumbs to his master plan. Oh yeah, Sam needs to rent a car because his is now broke. No problem: throw it on the card and pay the minimum. Then it’s off to Good Will to buy a stroller and crib. What? They don’t sell these items because of liability issues. Just go Baby Emporium and prepare to drown in debt. 

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