The bell curve is a good barometer of not only intelligence but also of how that intelligence is utilized to accomplish a task. Given a mundane or complicated problem by an authoritative figure, an individual is left to his own means to accomplish the said task. On the right side of the curve is a small group of people who can instantly understand the problem and calculate an efficient solution to physically get that dilemma solved correctly.  The vast majority of the curve is the center group of people that forms the greatest number represented by the highest part of the graph. This collection will muddle through their specific task with no precise plan or enthusiasm. The goal will finally get accomplished with a bare minimum approval rating in a time frame just short of a decade in order to get the project off the books. This is the norm. Then there is the far-left sector of people who comprise the slow rise of the bell’s growing upward curve. These are the GOLDBRICKERS whose only job in life is to spend huge amounts of time accomplishing absolutely nothing. Their entire life is devoted to spending their waking energy and time at work to avoid work. They are professional slackers that go out of their way to sabotage any semblance of a completed goal. A few  are complete morons and avoid the axe (being fired) due to nepotism or a compassionate owner who overlooks their handicap and allows them to collect a salary just so they don’t end up on the street or in some other business owner’s employee pool. Sometimes there is honor among the greedy. But the vast majority of this group uses whatever intelligence they have to formulate a flow chart to guarantee that this project will never see fruition. They are experts at installing mobile roadblocks and raising asinine questions during its execution. These lazy loafers ensure job security and are dispersed heavily throughout many government branches. They create a graph known as the DECAYING BELL WEDGE. 

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