The starting gate went up and off they went. The extremely anxious high schoolers who just graduated, are now on their own. Out of this pack, a line will slowly form as these diploma custodians vie for positions in the race for careers. Way up front and leading are the thoroughbreds who have obtained college diplomas. This group is out in the lead because the rules dictate that their gates have opened earlier and are guaranteed success if they just finish the race at any position. Coming up behind the forerunners are the athletic horses that are highly competitive. They run hard because looking at the ass of the leader motivates this group to surpass them. They will do anything to win, including bending the rules in order to gain a position. The high schoolers at the back of the pack are the longshots who fill the field with their superior numbers. This group will fill all the menial grunt work that is needed by industry. Occasionally in this pack are the underdogs, who defy the odds and start charging down that racetrack in order to prove to their families and themselves they are worthy of a winning position. As they come alongside the middle group, they are sometimes squeezed out by the highly competitive bunch who despises their attempts to overtake them. With persistence, a select few drive hard to overtake the leaders. As saliva and sweat get whipped up into the pack and pure adrenaline pulses through their veins, the finish line lies just down the track. On the outside, coming up fast is Emma Carter, a driven high schooler, who sees no obstructions and feels no pains. Neck and neck with the distinguished IVY LEAGUE, the absolute favorite, she pulls out all the stops. It’s a nail-biting photo finish. And the winner is▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ Emma Carter. Sorry folks! The judge has disqualified her, as her pedigree did not meet the specifications laid out by the THOROUGHBRED SOCIETY that dictates which college grads will take home the blue ribbon and the bacon. 

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