People enjoy great story tellers like Samuel Clemens, Will Rogers and Garrison Keillor, of whom 2 are dead and the other one’s been ostracized. So in order to close up the crevasses created by their absence, the media picks up their slack and has created evening news with color commentators. Over time they become regionally famous because of their everyday appearance around 5PM. You can now turn on the world news and get the latest slant on what’s going on. With 3 channels you will get 3 interpretations, with 10 channels you will get 10 versions and with 60 channels you will get 3 interpretations with 20 different versions each, yet only one distinct path of events took place. So what happened? It seems like no one really knows what’s going on, but if the story is told in an interesting, speculative way, who cares? They can make it up as they go. This is known as fiction and with plenty of advertising sponsors with deep, dark pockets to reward the broadcasters, the truth will morph into something that they want to hear. Monetary gain is a powerful incentive. An example is: a car company in Antarctica named Fermi, was making nuclear cars in order to halt the global shortage of lithium in the world created by electric car makers. One day a scientist discovered a defect in the containment vessel that housed the nuclear material. This provided protection from the high-speed particles that were being created. When the camera crew and reporters showed up on King George Island to get the story, a representative from Fermi told them the problem was being rectified. When the story appeared on television, the electric car company, Edison influenced the news media to mention that the leaking container under the front seats would cause sterility to the occupants and that’s what hit the air waves. Fermi is out of business and Edison just ran out of lithium for its batteries. The price of camels and horses has skyrocketed and hoof breeding is extremely lucrative. 

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