Introduced in the United States in 1935, Social Security, was a government program to provide income to participants in their latter years. The year it was drafted, life expectancy was 61.7 years for both sexes. It was a good bet for Uncle Sam because the withdrawal age is 65 years old. However, with improved health knowledge and safer working conditions, life expectancy rose. This troubled the government mathematicians who calculated a disaster in the future. A plan was devised to nip this in the bud. It involved the use of binary poisons, which is two different chemical compounds of which neither one is poisonous to the human body. You merely inject one part into the individual where it lies dormant for decades. However. when the second component is administered much later, the two combine and forms a deadly poison, killing the host. A clever way was needed to insert Part A of the binary poison into the American population. This was done covertly by the use of large-scale immunization strategies injected in American youths. All that was needed was for this generation to work for 40 or more years paying into the system and then install Part B, thus terminating the individual and their ability to collect. The program needed for this, was called Medicare. When the victim signs on for Medicare, their records are accessed and when they see a physician, some form of drug will be prescribed, because that’s what physicians do. Part B is then inserted into this individual’s prescription, by pharmaceutical enterprises at some random time interval, so as not to arouse suspicion. All was well, until Social Security started going broke and an investigation was conducted by a group of scientists. It was discovered that Part A did not get into 100% of the population because of mistakes. A new plan was devised to get Part A back into the population without triggering a conspiracy theory. It showed up in America as the blue M&M’s, released in 1995. 

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