There are an estimated 3 trillion trees distributed over the planet Earth, a substantial lead over the approximate 7.4 billion humans that reside here. Yet only 12,000 years ago, when humans occupied 6 continents and slowly began to farm, there was an estimated 46% more trees and around 4 million people shuffling around. Humans began harvesting trees for shelter and tools and later cleared forests to grow their crops. As the industrial age expanded, our demand for paper, furniture, paneling and lumber increased, so they mostly took the old growth which opened up sunlight to the young trees below, sending them skyward. However, with poor management, increased farming and more people, we are confronted with a net loss of 10 billion trees a year. Now earthlings are harvesting ‘babies’, (40 years or less). The tree world will no longer tolerate our ignorance and is about to go to war with the human race thru evolution. One of 2 different strategies will emerge. 1.) The trees will slowly change its energy production process of taking in sunlight and carbon dioxide, and instead of releasing oxygen, add a third atom and out gas ozone (03), deadly to humans. 2.) Grow gripping appendages at the ends of their branches that mimic hands, as seen in mythological paintings of trees that have human features. It is not the face that is scary, it is its ability to latch on to its victim and hold him until dehydration or starvation causes an agonizing demise. In order to save time, the trees may develop a technique that uses the energy in the struggling victim to transfer his body higher and higher up the tree, only to release him to the deadly dance with gravity. Going to war with trees would be futile; kill them all, and you’ll no longer have any oxygen in the atmosphere. We should stop making our kitchen cabinets out of the remains of their murdered children and store our can goods in the rib cages of our elders, who have left our nursing homes. 

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