As with all industrial processes, there will be generated waste, the stool of societies’ endeavors. However, with PYRE PALACES, consuming human corpses and converting them into valuable electrical power, the advantages are immense. In the, CARCASSES TO KILOWATTS PROGRAM, there are two forms of waste, fly ash and bottom ash. Because of the chemical contents of the cadavers, this is not waste but rather a remarkable resource. The major components of this ash are phosphates, used in fertilizers, and a myriad of other industrial processes, and calcium, the main constituent of cement. The phosphates can be recycled back into industry to help our depleting mining stockpiles and is useful in making explosives which returns victims of war back into a resource; powerplant fuel. Calcium combined with other resources can be efficiently recycled back into concrete for numerous public construction projects. We can now upgrade our aging infrastructure with new sources of: CARCASSCRETE. Of course, the donors of this product must be honored. Social status will dictate the location of its use within the community. Rich and important deceased citizens will end up in signature bridges and magnificent museums. Middle class people will be the freeways and highways of the world. The lower class will be paved into sidewalks, alleys, and gutters and the dregs of society will be turned into precast panels used for damming sludge lagoons and incorporated into sewage treatment plants. To record all of this, the Mormons will be brought in with their exquisite genealogical skills, so the future generations will know where to locate the previous generations of relatives who got paved into society’s transportation avenues. For a small fee, these services will be able to pinpoint precisely what freeway, state highway, county trunk or city street they are located. An official memorial document will tell the descendants exactly which mile marker gramma and grampa are paved into. 

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