The year is 3AB (After Bomb) and the remainder of humanity is just starting to get organized. With the instantaneous reduction of 5 billion humans and another 2.5 billion who took a year to die, the remaining 1/2 or so billion are starting to make rules to try and curb the caveman mentality. The first order of business was to establish a universal monetary system so that trade between groups can take place. Paper money and precious metals mean no more than a hand full of sand. The commodity of food is also pointless as there are billions of edible bodies scattered everywhere. Cadaver cannibalism is a way of life and it raises no eyebrows. With nuclear winter refrigerating all dead animals, these carcasses are going to keep for decades and beyond. The fats stored in the tissue has settled to the bottom of the body and aids in cooking it when a heat source is provided. Funeral pyres provide space heating for the survivors and cooked meat is taken from the bottom of the heap. Consumable campfires are everywhere. The necessity that is lacking in this world is simply clean water. With saltwater desalination plants gone and surface water contaminated by fallout and bacterial explosions consuming the dead organisms under the ice, the only safe source is deep aquifers. The pumps that pull up this cash crop are run by old steam generators on ancient farm tractors that were scattered everywhere rurally when the world was not in the annihilation mode. The fuel used to power these relics is an abundant source. It is the construction debris laying everywhere from the blasts’ overpressures that spewed lumber from the homes of dead people. Putting this water into waterproof containers is now the New World’s Order money and provides an agreeable legal tender. The containers that transport this liquid gold are unique. A human skull with the organics removed and the surface and openings sealed with cockroach wings provides the vessels to distribute this wealth. 

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