There are 7 generations of Americans that are currently alive today, include a few surviving members of the Greatest Generation. After that, it’s the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, X, Y and Z Generations and the newest addition, the Alpha Generation. The concern today is the Gen Y or Millennials as they are more commonly known. They are involved in a game that focuses on characters that they grew up with as children; POKE’MON, or pocket monsters which is a dubious Japanese invention. The game involves walking around with a smartphone and thru it, gathering clues about finding different creatures in hidden locations, for points. For many of them, this is a new experience of moving around outdoors, amongst the infrastructures of our modern world. Marketing has convinced them to take along the newest and fastest smartphones, along with plenty of bottled water, energy bars and drinks, and all stowed away in designer backpacks to survive this grueling adventure. Crawling all over American cities is a small army of youths looking for large eyed, imaginary creatures left over from their younger days. Soon to join their ranks will be a similar looking group of 30ish Middle Eastern infiltrators, placing backpacks of explosives and bottles of chemical accelerants throughout our communication facilities, essentially blinding this country and causing widespread panic. Their method of entry into America will be simple: buried inside the double hull of super tankers originating from Saudi Arabia, (the country that supplied 15 of the 19, 911 terrorists), will be ISIS commandos who months earlier, implemented the POKE’MON ploy. These ‘Trojan Horses’ will be off the shores of American cities unloading death and destruction throughout the night and into the next day. Their goal is to free up airports and harbors for the J-Day invasion of America. The Jihad, unlike the Gulf Wars, will not be televised due to technical difficulties beyond Pikachu’s control. 

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