When the device that interrupts pain is perfected, a whole new clandestine industry will emerge. Taping into and taking over an individual’s thought is the Holy Grail of any power faction or disciplinarian freak. Using pain to moderate the person’s behavior is extremely effective in creating a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. By turning it on or off, the vast majority of people will succumb to the wishes of the entity at the controls. Governments try to impose sovereignty on its citizens, armies are constantly at war with its own leaders and spouses are forever playing a game of emotional chess between themselves. In the future, governments, using their armies to invoke their designs on their enemies, (including dissident denizens), will use soldiers wired up to battlefield transmitters to give out instantaneous pain or pleasure signatures for the annihilation of their adversaries. The antagonists will counter with jamming contraptions to upset the kill commands broadcast by the enemy and produce their own thought-controlled troopers until the carnage terminates into a sea of spent gore and mayhem. Good old-fashioned war. Attempting to inject thought control into personal relationships would be futile as we have already perfected that abysmal art. Our vocabulary has long adapted slang words to describe the purveyors of power through sex and behavior techniques. The male is simply known as an ASSHOLE. This is in reference to the function of the sphincter muscle or asshole gate that controls the amount of shit that is being brought into the relationSHIT. The term for the female is that 4 letter ‘C’ word that upsets a whole lot of people by just mentioning it. The origin of this word is simply a contraction and corruption of the word, CONTROL. Such as in, “that woman is controlling,” or more emotionally distraught, ” that BITCH is CUN-trolling. And finally, in the full-blown anger mode, “That Fuckin’ CUNT.” It’s all about good old fashioned, CONTROL! 

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