The strategy built into all creatures on earth is to continue to weave the chain of life and to try and throw in occasional improvements with each succeeding model, similar to car manufacturers. The Corvette is the longest running American production model out there and have been produced steadily since 1953, except in 1983. That is the year when the C4 design changes created problems that forced GM to crush all 57 prototypes, except one. Nature also crushes her mistakes and displays the growing list in human museums as extinct species. With an estimated 99% of all the life that has ever existed and hit the showers, they then got washed down the drain. It becomes apparent that Mother Nature likes to remodel her planet often and clean house frequently. She does this by giving predators newly developed taste buds that now crave this doomed species at the same time as she has slowed the host’s escape skill through evolution. Bye bye, Dodo pie. Buried in genetic game plans of humans are their future demise that hasn’t yet surfaced fully. His superior intelligence has given him an advantage in that he has created weapons to keep his enemies at bay, but when Ma Nature turns on the See Ya Button, we’ll all be gone in a few centuries. Her plan is to discretely modify our DNA over time so that human flesh tastes like peanut butter. This will drive our domesticated canine companions crazy, who will then make a meal out of us. The humans will respond by shooting the dogs, but the fact is that they can produce litters of 8 puppies twice a year and homo sapiens only spit out 1.4 humans per year. We’ll be on the backside of the population curve in no time. Also, the maturity rate of the 2 species is in a dog’s favor. A puppy can be a flesh-eating killer in 12 weeks while the ‘superior’ human baby cannot wield a pistol accurately until they are 3 years old. Man’s best friend will be his demise as we procreate into Fido’s favorite food and soon morph into an ’83 Vett. 

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