During an annual dental exam when San Whooski was given a standard oral X-ray, the beam was deflected off the filling of tooth number 14 and redirected down his body into his treasured scrotum. All this occurred with no one’s knowledge as the stealthy energy source traveled through the body with no sensations whatsoever. When it passed through the left testicle, it severed the DNA sequence just as it was replicating and rearranged the ATGC on the rung to read AGCT. That was the beginning of the end. Sam liked to wax his carrot quite often and immediately after his dental appointment, he headed into the unisex bathroom at the clinic to whack off his mature meat with a borrowed copy of National Geographic. Upon ejaculating his now modified EXIT JUICE, Sam rashly left a load on the rim of the toilet. After the spent Mr. Whooski left the restroom, the recently ripe, ovulating receptionist entered and her slightly swollen labia brushed up against Sam’s signature sauce. The combination of rolling on the throne and an underachieving wiping action sent some of Sam’s semen on a swimming stint. An arduous 15 hour, full out, flagella whipped trip up the cervix was rewarded with an egg penetration and a fourth of July Organic chemistry explosion: fertilization! Nine months later it emerged. A creature that could pass as a male human baby, but something was amiss. In the location where the male genitalia should be, was a jointed pink finger with a urethral opening for a urine expulsion. Gone was the procreation organ that get men in trouble. Present was a clitoris stimulating member that could bring a woman to orgasm when hugging her, as the little pinky rubbed its way to ecstasy right through clothing. Men soon grasped the concept as the revelation went through Genetic Engineering to attain their own ‘pinky.’ When unhappy, childless women roamed the streets looking for a hug, men were right there to give it to them. The human race disappeared in 8 generations. 

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