Whenever a human experiences a catastrophic failure in its organ assignments, the medical industry is standing by with high tech machines ready to carry on the day to day minutiae that those failed organs used to do. If the diaphragm is not oscillating, a system of ventilators and tubing can pick up the slack and push atmospheric oxygen into the lungs. Kidney failure? No problem. Dialysis machines can step up to the plate and cleanse that blood, squeaky clean until some donor organ shows up unannounced. Pancreas shutting down? Simple as sin. Just inject the proper amount of insulin and all is good. Is that heart acting up and missing some beats? That’s a no cranium challenge. A plastic pump or a step-up transformer can put that old ticker back on track. Do you have problems trying to extract energy from food with either the liver or the entire GI tract? Piece of pecan pie. Feeding tubes shoved in the right orifice will direct those needed sugars and proteins to the right rooms and all will be peachy. With the upcoming revolution in full bloom and mobile guillotines being trailered to hotspots citywide, beheadings will become standard equipment for behavioral defects. No longer a death sentence, the skull slicers’ victims will have their heads rushed off to convenient hospitals, that will be on nearly every city block. It will get hooked up to every contraption that brilliant engineers have concocted to keep that essence of a human alive. Lacking lungs and vocal cords in the disconnected head, speech can be achieved with a Steven Hawking’s voice simulator. With machines pumping blood and chemical vitality into that noggin, the brain and hence the individual will be kept alive nearly indefinitely. Generating an Amazon River of billable income, this industry will rule the world. When funds supplied by the family or the individuals themselves dry up, no frets. Merely yank the equipment out, give it a rinse and jamb it back into a new soul. 

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