Acting mayor Hobo Hank has just abolished the ability of police departments to pull over people in speed traps. Hobo Hank recognized that the revenue raising tactic was purely for police department perks, like latte machines and free samples at donut distributors. With an abundance of revenue in the city coffers, because of the new HOMELESS TO HOUSED program the American cities adapted years ago, operating costs have dropped dramatically. Instead of constantly remodeling government buildings by contractors who had ‘sweetheart deals’ with politicians, the new tenants take care of all building maintenance and construction without pay. It is a labor of love that they call home. Adept at construction techniques involving pallets, cardboard boxes and blue tarps, the free, full-time staff take pride in eliminating expensive overhead to the taxpayers. Elected state and local government officials have abandoned their offices at the public institutions and have huddled in Washington DC to apply for federal aid. The vacant positions of authority have been quickly filled by the volunteer surrogate, civil servants who quickly clean up the waste that has been generated for decades, by entrenched politicians. Bum Bob is now in charge of all the substitute Aldermen in the city and has rapidly eliminated graft and corruption. With a past of living in stoic and stark conditions, these new leaders know how to live lean and have brought these traits to efficiently run our governing machinery. Working for food and free hammocks suspended in our old wasteful rock icons (city hall), the money saved in the first year fixed all the roads in the community. Judge Druggy has granted amnesty to all minor offenders and has liberated a vast army of workers who have elected to move into the new commune and help advance its new directive of helping all citizens. This new form of government resembles the ideas put forth by individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence. 

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