The cities now house thousands of formerly homeless individuals, who now reside in the grandiose government structures as working employees. Their apartments consist of hammocks hung from scaffold towers that reach to the ceilings of these impressive stone behemoths. Access is provided by planking and stair tower hardware attached to the metal latticework that doubles as a work platform. The renters occupying these public housing complexes will be the labor force that cleans, repairs and restores the ceiling murals. It is this artwork that beckons all citizens to come and view these public architectural masterpieces. Porta Potties will occupy the stair landings and will provide sanitary solutions for the new residents. They will be refreshed weekly by the new neighbors who will take great pride in their lofty abodes overlooking the grand entry. A select group will earn their keep by being greeters for the masses who come to inspect how government functions. Others will vocalize the history of the building they now reside in, with personalized views of their life’s stories and how their government saved them. It will be an emotional experience that is guaranteed to jerk some tears. The public icons will now be open 24 hours a day as some of the new staff are nocturnal. Regular business hours are a thing of the past, because it was that regimented schedule that discouraged the dwellers from getting a job in the first place. They will work when they feel like it. The physically challenged will become the farmers that feed this workforce as their wheelchairs will be outfitted with farm implements to plant and harvest crops on the grounds. Additional acreage will be provided by filling the entry floor with topsoil and fertilized with the contents of those fiberglass commodes. The drug damaged individuals will occupy the offices of government leaders and will act as surrogate civil servants whenever the official is absent.  Decisions will be prompt. 

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