Trailing out on one of four arms of a barred spiral galaxy, lies a planet known as DIPUTS. The 7 ‘intelligent’ tribes living on DIPUTS, a world with millions of varieties of life, display some deadly traits. They take great pride in killing their own kind, merely as an exercise in their knowledge of science. A long time ago, the TSUL would pick up heavy rocks and bash them over the heads of their enemies. Centuries after that, the YVNE found metals in the soil. Using heat, they produced long shafts and sharpened the edges. This proved advantageous in severing limbs of the HTOLS. Later the EDIRP discovered certain chemical compounds that would react rapidly and could propel objects at dangerous speeds towards other creatures, thus ending their lives. Next, the YNNOTTULG played with gases and liquids that would burn and destroy their own tissues. They then heaved canisters of this stuff at their adversaries and watched as the wretched victims squirmed trying to breathe. The DEERG then figured out the structure of atoms and soon learned how to fission and fuse these particles. This really upped the ante with these weapons, as millions could disappear off the planet instantly. This method was very expensive and scary because it could kill indiscriminately. All these tribes loved winners. With this technology, they would all be losers, so back to science they went. The HTARW started playing with tiny, infective agents known as viruses. Unable to reproduce by themselves, they relied on the cell structure of their host and all was tolerable, until one would jump species. The HTARW created a nasty death for all other tribal members without destroying their own infrastructures. This made the perfect weapon, as ordinary creatures became walking bullets, that flew into the homelands of the other tribes and infected their populations. Obliteration and extinction were the fate of the backwards creatures of the PLANET DIPUTS, and it was all for the better. 

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