The 1950’s presented a lucrative business for basement contractors who specialized in building fallout shelters. These underground structures were either part of the house’s foundation or standalone components. They offered no protection against a nuclear strike in the immediate area but were designed to help a family survive for the first 2 weeks after a distant detonation that carried highly radioactive airborne particles downwind. With today’s viral pandemics lurking around the corner, clever contractors can resurrect this lost trade and install new VIRUS SHELTERS in peoples’ homes. They still need to be hardened to protect the inhabitants from desperate neighbors trying to get in after outbreaks surfaced in the area. Equipped with at least 6 months of food and water, sanitation facilities need to be incorporated or else the entombed family will die of its own wastes. Filled with ozonators and ultraviolet lighting, these hermetically sealed safehouses will keep the inhabitants infection-free for the duration of the outbreak. Hooked up to satellite broadcast news to keep the occupants informed and entertained, the future generations of humans will emerge to carry on, while the viral marauder infected all people, on the surface. After living through the first month of emotional hell, listening to friends and relatives pleading to let them in, common sense prevailed and the scratching fingernails and crying souls ceased. Months passed and 1,500 pounds of food later, the televised President declared an ALL CLEAR decree and a sigh of relief followed. Giving it another 3 days, just to be sure, the family of 5 emerged into a crystal-clear atmosphere where colorful birds flew unhindered. Stepping out into total silence, the Browns rejoiced to be alive and back on the surface amongst the warmth of the sun on their faces. Off in the distance was a familiar man in a cage. It was the President. Surrounding the Browns were 914 crazy, hungry Zombies. 

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