Every revolution around the sun after 30 years of age is a snake coil beginning its deadly constriction on its victim. Between 50 and 60 years of age, depending on the individual’s genetics and fitness level, the snake wraps are more numerous and ever-so-slowly start to tighten its grip. The snake is death and the victim is you. This slow strangulation of your body’s functions occurs in small increments and is just slightly noticed at first. The time frame between the first and second sensations may be years or decades, but the frequency increases with age. The snake awakens and it now grows bigger. It wraps around your muscles and makes them sore. It curls around your joints and makes them stiff. It slithers through your internal organs and makes them muddle. It winds through your cranium and forces the brain to forget the joys of youth and the moment that just occurred. The unseen serpent will thin your hair, destroy your teeth, and stretch and sag the skin on your face so that desirability decays. Your mobility suffers and your gait falters. Swiftness and svelte disappear and is contaminated by the snake’s slime consisting of a fumbling fat. Movements that were effortless and elegant are slowly replaced with tremors and pain. The snake has secured its den. As the constriction increases, fear interferes with a positive outlook and behavior changes badly. Patience departs and confusion and mistrust dictate the thoughts. The snake grows strong and its victim weakens. Thoughts of a quick ending pass through the eroded brain but the snake relaxes slightly. It is having sex with its prey. It is fucking with your life. You feel a tad bit better, but then it rapidly tautens, and you grab your chest only to have it calm its grip again. You are being fucked to death by the cruelty of nature and your exit is blocked. Finally, the snake orgasms and the muscle contractions pulsate your life away. The grip is lifted, and you are free to go wherever your beliefs take you. 

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