The dream of nearly every human, who grew up in a uterus and occupied this planet for more than a decade, is to be wealthy or famous. Some long for the wealth itself, and the doors that fly open with money as the key. Extravagant housing, expensive vehicles and exclusive jewelry are just a few perks. Others want their mugs recognized wherever they go, so that a parade of admirers ensues. These traits will feed their ego’s enormous diets and fatten their heads with self-importance. Luck, timing, endless effort, or a prepared path set up by a large serving of nepotism must occur in order for these elites to materialize. Then, there are the worker bees, who kick their lives into overdrive, to slowly attain a fortune and notoriety in a small circle of business contacts. Starting out with a high school education, their first job is polishing widgets, and they do what humans do better than the rest of the mammal clan; they learn. After a few years of showing up every day, increasing their productivity and their wages, they contemplate a business of their own. With bank loans, 16-hour workdays, 6 days a week, and 2 decades later, success may come to these assiduous individuals, and their families, if the marriage can endure this barrage. Late in life, they try and reap the rewards, but a lack of outside interests cripples their ability to enjoy their financial freedom. They continue to work until the day they die. With a new, unadorned, standard car every 10 years, and living in the same home for the last 4 decades, the money just keeps piling up. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “wealth is not his who has it, wealth is his who enjoys it”. Not completely oblivious to the needs of the surrounding community, these frugal individuals will scrape up an occasional donation to a worthy cause. Their names will be emblazoned onto a 4″x12″ brick and set into a memorial sidewalk, where local foot traffic and time will forever erase their names and deeds from human history. 

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