Throughout the world, there are skill-specific plants that aid manufacturers in providing them with a finished product without doing certain processes in-house. An example would be a painting toll manufacturer. This entity has purchased and maintains the spray-painting equipment and environmental protection apparatus. They also employ skilled artisans who have proprietary knowledge to do an expert job. This frees up the alpha manufacturer from supplying the square footage and finding qualified employees to perform the same task. All they have to do is supply the toll agent with the parts and ship them in both directions. This emancipates a mini Fort Knox of capital. In a sense, schools are a toll manufacturer of a child’s education. The parents ship off the little bundles of love to a facility, which specializes in educating these unfinished tykes. These institutions, built with taxpayer money and staffed with constituent funded teachers, are there to create a finished adolescent. The educators are the brain artisans who slowly mold those spongy batteries located just behind the eyes. Full of electrochemical energy and pre-stocked with some inborn knowledge, the little life forms need further education to survive in their birthrighted environments. Parents take the first 5 years and give them basic communication skills and mobility lessons. After that, they get shipped off to the toll manufacturers to further finish that grey goop into an efficient human being, capable of being some type of desirable asset in society. The dedicated teachers take all the various components that are dropped off at the door and send them through a regimented curriculum to sort out their talents. After 12 years of these honing techniques, the finished product walks up to the podium to gather their ‘inspection certificate’ and are forever shipped out. The employees of these toll manufacturers are essential components in human society and deserve a jubilant, jumping ovation. 

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