Sara Felden, a 45-year-old divorcee from Hattiesburg, Mississippi was starting the next phase of her frustrated life in King County, Texas, the third least populated county in the US. Unable to trick or coax her former oil worker husband into inseminating her, she filed for divorce and moved out west to try and find that special man to make her whole. Her former husband, William Felden, who knew he carried a genetic marker for installing a severe birth defect into his offspring, was devastated. Bill reluctantly understood her plight, so he let her go. He sank into depression and developed a great anger at the government, who ignited fission bombs in his backyard near Baxterville in the mid 1960’s. Under the code name of Operation Salmon, the cowboy mentality of the Cold War Era blew off, not one, but two underground nuclear weapons in a salt dome near his childhood home. The radioactive plume found its way into his mother’s womb via ground water during Bill’s fetal development and encrypted the deadly marker into him. Latter testing on Bill by scientific studies, conducted by a more concerned generation, confirmed his killer genes. Sara found a comfortable trailer just a quarter mile down the road from Gibberanty. Why she picked that desolate location in the middle of nowhere is a question that eludes common sense. But then again look at any human’s life story. Their paths through life are like a neutron in a reactor. Bouncing off nuclei at high speeds, scattering seeds of their encounters and moving off in another direction with a different energy level. Fate is radioactive. As Sara Felden started her brand-new regime of exercise in her new life by jogging, she saw Gibberanty tending his garden that surrounded his trailer in the warm and buttery Texas sun. Displaying a tight new pair of Spanx and reflective fashion sportswear, Sara trotted by the recluse’s hermitage. As she neared Gibberanty, he did something he rarely did, he looked up. Sara smiled. 

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