The stage was set for the human interaction sex ritual that develops between the males and females (mostly). When aroused, the human brain floods with natural chemicals that wash and rinse away all logic and reason. Questions are posed in the thought process of the two parties involved and when the recipient does not respond correctly, a new approach is attempted to get the contestant through the maze and into bed. This contest has been going on in modern man for millions of years and is responsible for nearly 8 billion of these bipeds cluelessly trampling the earth. Luckily, installed in these creature’s brains are stop limits that make the success rate for reproduction relatively low.  Otherwise, humans would show up on the scene in swarms like insects and a huge die off would overload the earth with a giant biomass pile. Converting the chemical energy locked up in a tiny sperm and egg and transforming it into a 100-200 pound plus energy consumer, it would overwhelm the plant and animal world as a food supply. It would also increase the mass of the earth with calcium bones and organic compounds deposited on its surface. These inborn checks and balances keep the earth in a stable equilibrium. Sara Felden was watching the daily habits of her close neighbor, Gibberanty, and formulating a plan for the fertilization of one of the few dozen eggs left in her aging body. Her options in such a remote location were extremely limited because he was the only single male around.  Perhaps her decision to move here was an inborn check implanted by nature. Sara’s religious upbringing nixed married men as suitors, so single Gibberanty it was. His antisocial behavior was an obstacle (another check?), but Sara was athletic and welcomed a challenge. She saw independence, intelligence, good health, youthful features, and kindness in Gibberanty. Even though he ate the rabbits, he pampered them immensely while they were alive. Sara soon set her cross hairs. 

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