When the 70-year-old male coroner met the 28-year-old female prosecution attorney for King County, Texas, the discussion centered on the upcoming sorghum convention in Amarillo. After lunch was devoured and the iced tea filled their bladders, they turned to the evidence presented by the highly bigoted sheriff that was in charge of the ruthless slaying of Gibberanty. Finding the .22 caliber pistol registered to the deceased, with one round that was recently discharged, was all that was needed to come to the decision that this was self-defense on the part of William Felder. Never mind that no slug was ever found in the trailer, it would have been too hard to locate. The trailer was unkempt with reading material all over the place, and fertilizer bags strewn about. It probably lodged into one of those topsoil sacks that surrounded the base of Gibberanty’s trailer. Truth is that it was lodged in a rabbit’s head buried out back that succumbed to the ritual of sacrifice. Gibberanty had prepared rabbit stew earlier in the day for his special date with Sara later that night. No one made the connection. Anyone without a job, that keeps to himself, sleeps most of the day away, and slightly resembles Charlie Manson is up to no good. He deserved his fate; trying to rape that poor woman with some understandable marital problems over being childless. The lucky husband stopped the vicious attack on his wife after spending months hunting her down to win her back, and finally agreed to father their child. It was a fatalistic, happy ending as the district attorney deemed the case closed with insufficient evidence and lifted the “don’t leave town” decree. William and Sara Felden, a now rejuvenated married couple, took Sara’s belongings and headed back to Mississippi to try and fertilize one of her few remaining eggs. Nature knew of Bill’s killer genes and would not let that mistake occur. They lived out the rest of their childless lives, together and forever. 

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