The American legal system, with all its precedents and procedures over its 2.4 century history, is still a flawed system that tolerates injustice. Its main downfall is that it assumes that people in its courtrooms will tell the truth. NOT. When faced with the extraction of money (fines) or loss of freedom (jail time) or even loss of life (death sentence), people articulate lies liberally. It is an inborn survival instinct inserted into the human brain by nature. Enforcing the law of the land employs many careers with many competency levels. One breakdown in the locomotion force of the police, or a caboose full of lawyers with objections, will result in a train wreck of justice. It is what it is, and how it works, at times. When the King County Sheriff showed up after a 911 call from William Felder, the scene was deathly quiet. Bill was outside Gibberanty’s trailer sitting on a log with his former wife Sara, wrapped in a blanket taken from the bed. She was sobbing and intensely hugging Bill, who showed up 27 minutes earlier to rescue his damsel in distress. Bill’s spent pistol laid on the trailer floor, still warm from the chemical expulsion of 15 deadly rounds. Gibberanty laid on the floor in a river of blood that moved to the rear of the unlevel trailer. His former life puddled in the corner. He was naked and sporting an erection, (there was no heart action to extract the blood that was pushed in there earlier) and quite unmistakably dead. Next to the bed was a .22 caliber revolver with one shell recently spent. It later proved to be Gibberanty’s and had only his prints on it. It was obvious that it was self-defense. This Ted Kaczynski like character had flipped out and went psycho on normal citizens. Due to a divorce lawyer tactic back in their home state, their marriage was not quite finalized, thereby excluding anything Sara might have said. A wife cannot testify against her husband. Bill remained totally silent and dead men utter no defenses. 

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