The fleet of cap and gowned seniors fidget in their seats of their gymnasium as the solemn ceremony was about to commence. Fighting back immaturity, the teenagers were about to embark down a trail of unknown magnitude. As the principal took to the podium, the snickers surfaced on the faces of the troublemakers and rib jabs were given to those select few who spent hours in his office being interrogated. For some reason, the innocent never passed into that room. The man was quite the judge of juvenile behavior. After his standard speech that ended with, “…and the best graduating class Kennedy High has ever seen,” the diplomas were rolled out to the podium and the alphabetical names started flowing from the gymnasium speakers. With the proud parents in the background, the ‘A’ named students rose from their chairs as their surnames were chanted off. On a 50-step path up to that almighty podium, that journey is burned into the memories of ALL those who took that walk. The background applause washed out all the difficult times that occurred in the last 4 years. Personality conflicts, subject difficulty, fights, and broken alliances were washed to the beaches of unimportance. All that entered your mind was those breakthrough moments when the teachers opened the gates of understanding. You now saw the mathematical equations assembling into a story that you could grasp. Lifelong friendships that were being formed as a common thread stitched together a bond that sewed a small group of you through a tumultuous time. Laughter, that, at times, put an entire classroom on the floor with tears racing down their faces. These emotions ran the neuron highways that intertwined in your head as the principal handed over your well-deserved scroll, and a sizeable grin the likes of the Grand Canyon, split your face horizontally. You then turned your back to the pinnacle of teen youth, and exited towards the door of uncertainty, known as the future. BRING IT ON! I AM READY! 

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