The leading technology in America is, quite simply, making money. It doesn’t matter if you manufacture drill bits, donuts, doorstops or dildos, the name of the game here is to make as much of it as possible in your short lifetime. American heroes have drifted from western badasses, to Prohibition thugs to billionaire businesspeople that impress the average Al on their techniques to extract wealth from some sort of invented demand. The whole trick is to get in on the ground floor and ride the elevator of prestige to the penthouse. The latest, greenest scheme for the technically savvy is to take a piece of the sun, put it in a magnetic bottle, and sell the electrical energy produced to the masses at a profit. There is a reason why the sun is 93 million miles away; it is really hot. Back in 1952, sticking a small hunk of it close to humanity was thought to be a good idea when MIKE, the very first hydrogen weapon, removed the Eniwetok Atoll from the face of the earth. This caused America’s opponents to pursue the same genie, thus creating a $8 trillion industry here to stay on top of the weapons game. The fusion plan is nothing more than a business plan disguised as a humanitarian effort to save the earth from global warning. One must generate millions of megawatts of non-green power just to sustain this insane temperature that is six times hotter than the core of the sun. This infernal temperature is then extracted from the walls of the containment vessel and transferred into steam at only 500°C. This action somewhat resembles the fission industry; whereas, if you are exposed to low levels of radiation, a byproduct of the industry, you have a propensity to develop different types of cancers. If you do get cancer, how do they treat it? They expose you to a lot of radiation. This business is gearing up to produce the first generation of trillionaires so they can zoom around our boiling oceans created by fusion’s bleed heat in hovercraft yachts to stay cool. 

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