That unseen, theoretical little solar system known as an atom is truly amazing and can exist as 94 natural and 24 man-made elements. These little planetoids can mate up with different ones by sharing electron orbits and becoming chemical compounds. These bonds require and release energy when forming and breaking molecules. This is what heats a boiler (550°C) in a coal fired powerplant. In a nuclear power plant, fission (splitting a large atomic nucleus) releases heat (600°C plus throttled by control rods) with a much smaller amount of fuel required. Then there is the undeveloped fusion technology. The hope is to contain a plasma of 100,000,000°C and try and jam 4 hydrogen atoms and fuse it into 1 helium atom to produce even more energy to sustain the reaction. Good luck. The scientists have been at the wheel of this pipe dream for over 6 decades and claim it is 15 years away. The Manhattan Project produced 2 different types of weapons in 27 months, but then again, this was before OSHA. This new fusion technology will produce clean and unlimited power. That sounds vaguely familiar from the 1950’s push for nuclear fission power plants. The fact is, this is a great way to make a well paid, non-stress, comfortable living in a black art. If a coal-fired power plant lets loose, it will make the destruction of the Sultana steam ship disaster that killed 1800 people seem like a small pipe bomb. The 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima incidents cost billions of dollars and are far from being finished. Accidently release a 100-million-degree firestorm into the atmosphere and Hiroshima will look like a cap gun. In a fission weapon, the most damage occurs when the air gets superheated from X-rays and expands outward at breakneck speeds. It won’t be long before fusion ovens are on our kitchen countertops and can cook the all the occupants of a square mile in a nano second without any radioactive wastes contaminating the atmosphere or recently vaporized ground water. 

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