The American Defense Budget exceeds the spending of the next top 8 nations combined and hovers just under $700 billion. Worldwide, this country contributes about a third of the total amount spent on soldiers and souped-up sabers that falls under the heading of DEFENSE. In reality, most are offensive weapons that get carted off to foreign countries to make mincemeat out of (enemy?) human flesh. The money and engineering involved in trashing organs and bones to inflict substantial economic losses to one’s enemy is incredible and all for the sake of World Peace. This oxymoron can be remedied with robotic armies that act out this deep-rooted killing mode that was implanted in human behavior for survival. No longer fighting saber-tooth tigers for food, humans can just go about their business, looking for wealth to buy their happiness. In the process, they can get Hollywood involved to film and promote these ROBOT WARS. Junkied up on violence and action, worldwide viewers will start generating a profit on these conflicts as they stream into their smartphones in 3D and High Def. War profiteers will be a bloodless bunch of billionaires that entertain the masses with robotic action that starts out as a border dispute. Taken out to some exotic desert that will generate revenue for some 3rd world country that has no natural resources, everyone wins. The engineering firms designing the robots will be sweeping up the college grads for instant employment. Simple people with limited skills will be hired for robot assembly and production. Transportation companies will be busy moving parts and pieces to the factories and finished robots out to the battlefields. Support industries will flourish, and war will be profitable and encouraged. Entire families can now watch the war at home together, instead of the parents watching the news to see if their son will be returning home on crutches, cranially crippled, or as a desecrated corpse. Man-unkind is magnificent. 

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