The barbarism of mankind has finally softened when the world agreed to limit its belligerent behavior to robots. Gone are the days when a pair of military men showed up at the parents’ doorsteps of an unfortunate soldier who was killed in action. Also missing are boot camps, mess halls, and senseless war games played out with blue and red teams. Today, it is a chess game of opposing robot warriors who do all the fighting, and if hit, bleed out hydraulic oil. Pitting one country’s engineering staff against another’s leads to some interesting weapons that no longer involves human butchery. Geared up in armor and loaded with destructive armament, these metallic soldiers come in a kaleidoscope of shapes and tactics. Biped robots are primarily guards around important installations to ensure all-around site access. Flying drones with A.I. provide surveillance and quick defense or offensive maneuvers. Tunneling automatons are perfect for stealth attacks and provide safe exits for retreating armies. Aquatic androids keep the sea battles intense because 70% of our surface is water. When a dispute arises between two cultures, no longer do we have to breed male children to don uniforms and weapons to protect the ideology of the homeland. Merely send out the robotic warriors to some desolate location and let them beat the resistors out of each other. The whole operation can be watched like a football game on TV, with the winner advancing to the finals. Honor and fantastic prizes will be awarded, and people can go on living their peaceful lives in complete safety and comfort. All results of the robot wars are final, and the losing countries will carry a MR. YUK symbol on their national flag for one year. The winner gets a SMILEY FACE on theirs. All members of both cultures will live out their lives lacking war time amputees, PTSD victims, and landscaped sites in big cities where all the white grave markers look the same, and line up in perfect military precision. 

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