The Warrior Division, a subsidiary of DIZZYLAND INC., has just introduced the Annihilator, the most recent and decent robotic soldier yet concocted. In the beginning, robot armies were all about flooding the battlefield with mechanical mass and clogging the killing sands with severed parts. Victory was attained by out producing your opponent at the factory and delivering enough replacements via transportation companies. Similar to D-DAY in 1944. Now, with the introduction of the Annihilator, the strategy has morphed. The single, most important development was the introduction of the Survival Chip in these units. It allows the robot to instantly analyze its situation and conclude an advantageous resolution in milliseconds. Its decisions are a mix of genius and suicide at the same time and defies a logical defense. In one battle, an Annihilator cowered underneath a pile of destroyed robots and when the battle advanced past the wreckage, it emerged on the backside of the enemy, slicing their blind sides like a chain saw. On another occasion, an Annihilator pushed its own robots into a tight ball and activated their self-destruct circuits precisely. The shaped blast took out the surrounding enemy and propelled his armored body out at 10 kilometers per second. He calculated his trajectory and penetrated 52 enemy units all lined up to enter the battlefield. When the Annihilator stood up and examined the carnage it had incurred, the viewers went wild and started texting thumbs up by the millions. The ratings went through the roof and the advertisers now had to pay double for their 30 second slots. This idea of thinking soldiers in battle and executing planned and precise decisions has really upped the ante and profits for the robot armies. It’s a damn good thing that these awesome automatons have a built-in circuit that prevents them from harming any humans. These bad asses could cause a heap of headaches for the human race if it weren’t for this safety.


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