Like Halloween, which uses disguises to protect one’s identity from the evil spirits, the Corvid-19 pandemic relies on masks to prevent illness from the tiny little infectious agents. Commonplace in eastern Asia due to the poor air quality, masks are worn to filter out the atmospheric toxins present in the industrialized cities, similar to Los Angeles in the 1970’s. Today’s masks are asked to do the impossible: filter out the 5 to 300 nanometer sized viral particles with a textile membrane. This would be similar to removing the screen on your storm door and replacing it with 6″x6″ reinforcing road mesh. It would NOT be exceptionally effective at stopping the gnats and mosquitoes from gaining entry to your house. They would fly right through, like a fastball thrown at a blind baseball batter who never saw it coming. This safety precaution does stop water droplets present in mucus and will, thus, trap any freeloaders riding that phlegm wave, but who can guarantee that all the viruses will embed themselves in that contagious liquid lake known as a sneeze. Your government can’t. By mandating that masks be worn by all its citizens and visitors, it has created a society who now sees safety in penetrating the pandemic perimeter. They are somewhat safe from an inconsiderate moron who goes public with sneezing fits, as his own body is trying to purge the invading army from its lungs. However, the mask has a vital flaw that is apparent when exposed to a source of light. Merely take any mask and hold a flashlight up to its surface. The visible light emanating from the light source is in the 400 to 700 nanometers wavelength. If the light can penetrate the mask (and it will), then so can the 5 to 300 nanometer viruses. When working with deadly viruses, technicians are in spacesuits for protection. You are wearing a bulletproof (resistant) vest with some major holes in its design. The good news is that masks allow us to accessorize, so that our corpses will be fashionable. 

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