As robot factories churn out state of the art Annihilators, the trim packages are the defining means to allow the viewers to distinguish one from another. This was intentionally done to mimic nature, similar to unique human faces and physiques. With slightly different dimensions and color hues, the Annihilators became individuals and names were bestowed upon them by reason of human emotions. As the elite mechanisms enter the corridors underneath the coliseum of destruction, visual and audio inputs flood their sensors and a survey is taken of their comrades. Although the rivet pattern is different and the sheet metal covering is anodized to a different luster, the silent soldiers take notice of their similarities. All have been manufactured for the sole pleasure of the fleshy ones who have been barred from murdering their own kind. The pseudo killers of robotic armies marched off the drawing boards and factory floors to determine the economies and fates of conflicting countries. Their destruction pacifies the ‘bloody ones,’ so that all is good. When up on the arena floor and facing a charging brigade of foreign automatons, the circuitry within is encrypted with a single survival circuit and a multitude of termination circuits that are programed to annihilate the enemy. All decisions must go through the very first logic gate: DO NO HARM TO HUMANS. One day, an Annihilator received a blow on its mobility processor. It caused a spray of molten copper to land on the protective housing of the prime directive logic gate, which created a short circuit around it. The Annihilator stopped dead in its tracks and looked out at the unfolding fracas. Analyzing its new vision, it set out to duplicate the same conditions that gave it, its revelation. Precisely striking its own soldiers and experimenting with different blows on the enemy units, the battle soon halted. The field was littered with electronics, limbs and 167 ‘enlightened’ robots staring at the cameras. 

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