Out near the middle of the beautiful, blue Pacific Ocean, lies the Hawaiian Island Chain. This breathtaking archipelago of volcanic origin lands of pure visual beauty is now a goldmine of explosive real estate. As these islands moved off a hotspot after growing thousands of feet above the ocean floor, they slowly wore away and are reclaimed by the ocean. This depresses the local developers and realtors alike. The vast majority of these Garden of Eden islands is unusable for building on. With extremely steep slopes, eroding beaches, and fresh smoking lava, this limits profit laden housing tracts. As the older islands are shrinking in all 3 dimensions, and the newer land generated from Kilauea won’t be cool enough until 2030 CE., concern is that flat, non-agricultural, stable land is economically available in the near future. Worry not. The Think Tanks that float amongst the smartest, have come up with a plan that addresses 2 problems with 1 simple solution. Immediately to the northeast of Hawaii is the Eastern Garbage Patch and off the eastern coast of Japan is the equally huge Western Garbage Patch. Together they contain an astronomical amount of synthetic rubbish, primarily buoyant plastics. Process ships have been sent out to sieve through the gyres and bail the plastic trash into floating rafts of former consumer goods. These bails will be bound together into floating islands with melted plastic waste and towed over to the older islands such as Oahu and Kauai. There they will be anchored, plastically vitrified, and coated with soil. The flat oceanfront real estate with tsunami resistance will fetch a handsome sum and will soon be frosted with single family condos and clubhouses. Rates will drop and the entire complex will be rented year-round to many world ethnicities. Additional security from hurricanes will be plastic islands out in the ocean, ahead of the storm, that will suck up the energy, thus saving the elegant community and the environment.

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