The surface of earth is constantly changing and over the history of the planet, speculation has it that all the continents were connected at 4 different times in a supercontinent and then drifted apart, only to regroup. That theory also surmises that at one time, the current cratons were over the poles, the equator, or in transition depending on which eon, era, period, epoch, or age you are discussing. This way they can explain why ancient fauna or flora fossils are where they are. In reality, they neglect to mention the nearly 200-million-year-old, non-bird dinosaur reign that made homes on the various continents of the times. The fact that they survived so long was a testament to their intelligence and adaptability. The turning point in human history was in Mesopotamia among other locations throughout the world, where trade and specialization advanced the human civilization. The same
advancement also occurred in the dinosaur development when they discovered that they could make their lives substantially easier by engaging in trade and commerce. They formed a company called NILEX, named after the largest river at the time, the Nile, and proceeded to ship local plants and animals across great distances in exchange for exotic plants and animals from foreign lands. Some were immediately eaten but others were farmed in order to limit the dependency upon trade. This is what created the fossils in unlikely locations, a delivery service that revolutionized commerce.  It was not the slow floating continents that bumped into each other only to bounce off and drift away. Between swimming and flying dinosaurs, plants and animals were efficiently transported to new markets where they either thrived or demised depending on the local economic demand. The present distribution company that is gobbling up the media’s attention is nothing more than an old idea proven to work. Its only advantage over the old regime is its 2-day delivery time instead of the old 2-year time frame.

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