The first years of the 2020’s, will see a new version of an old American tactic, employed by our current President. Using CYBURCONTROL, a top secret, cold-hearted technology developed by German scientists, India’s greatest mathematicians, and the Union of the Elite Hackers of the World, this ultimate control system cannot be stopped. Infused into the World Wide Web, it has found its way to every wristwatch, vending machine, and programmable controller on the globe. The key to this gigantic tentacle grasp into all things electronic, is the Organic Resister. First conceived in 1993, after the attempted truck bombing of the north World Trade Center, it hit the ground running. Financed by the Hamptons, due to its close proximity to Manhattan, the “money’s no object” paranoia spent 20 years developing and saturating the world market with Organic Resisters. Acting like neurons, they link all resistors into a huge planet sized brain. With uncrackable codes, they have found their way into everyone’s nuclear arsenal. With Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) no longer a threat, AAMerica (All About Money) has embarked on a worldwide mission to go into any country’s business district and force out the locals. Staying in the civilian sector lessens the chance of violence erupting and with nonfunctional nukes, the militaries will cower. No one wants their country to turn into another Syria. Contracts will be signed, and money will be made. With the drafting and passage of the ENEMY REMOVAL ACT OF 2021, it will be just like the INDIAN REMOVAL ACT OF 1830. The President will bask in his glory because his campaign slogan will come true. MAKE AAMerica EVIL AGAIN! The AAMerican tactics that we will recruit will be the same as in was in 1830’s, when we nullified Native Americans treaties that guaranteed their lands and forced them onto lands west of the Mississippi River. We will proudly steal it and freeze anyone who objects, by marching them in the winter’s cold. 

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