In the old days, the Elites were sick of having serfs and peasants doing substandard work on their magnificent castles, so they developed a group of educated and skilled artisans to create and run their worlds on a daily basis. This required investing in schools and universities so that these skills would be passed down and improved. In gaining this desirable expertise and mastery, this new middle class soon learned that they could demand more pay for their ability, and in most cases, received it. It didn’t take long for the affluent to see that this new class of workers could now gain capital and property, and in great numbers, could become a threat to them. To nip this in the bud, they created the stock market. In the US, this gambling industry started in Philadelphia in 1790. A mere 2 years later, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), came into being the front runner of today. This Wall Street giant controls much of the world’s wealth today. Whenever the Hamptons (the residents of eastern Long Island, NY, involved in the decision processes of Wall Street), feel threatened or extremely greedy, they create a stock market crash that wipes out the working-class. This wealth is then transferred back to the “good old boys” and the process is repeated. When unions were being formed against the wishes of the owners, what happened? The unions won. The workers received increased benefits in the form of pensions, which were invested in the stock market and diminished immensely right after a crash. So, who won? We set up government checks and balances to make sure everything is on the up and up; but in 2008, when it crashed again, who went to jail? Nobody. The financial advisors always tell you that it’ll come back, but do they ever tell you to get out? No. They wouldn’t make a nickel. They want you to keep your retirement completely in the STUCK MARKET, where it can be harvested at will by the Hamptons and put to good use, like a carbon fiber yacht. 

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