The oldest living organisms on earth are prokaryotes, or bacteria. These single cell organisms, lacking a membrane bound nucleus, are estimated to be 2.7 billion years old. In comparison, advanced eukaryotic life, Genus Homo (humans) are estimated to be 2.5 million years old. That’s a huge head start for ‘germs’. Within the human body is a newly estimated ratio of 1.3 to 1, bacteria cells to human cells, which puts the ‘bugs’ out front in numbers, but lacking volume (human cells are bigger). It is the larger numbers and vastly way more experience in survival that raises the question: who’s in charge? The omnipotent humanoid would be the first to say that they are, but human existence hangs on a symbiotic relationship with many types of bacteria for their survival. Plain and simple. Without them, we’re dead, with the wrong ones, we’re deceased and in conflict with them, we’re done. The fact that bacteria has been around for eons without the animal kingdom and has thrived successfully puts the ball in their court. In the world of bacteria, perhaps humans were evolved as a suitable environment for their comfort, and we were equipped with intelligence, self-preservation, and mobility to aid in their interactions with other strains of bacteria. We are just acting as vehicles to transport them through our scientific inventions. Among the strongest human drives that is inborn is procreation. Physical contact increases bacterial growth during coitus and if the mating ritual is successful, new cities of bacteria are created and the children conceived will transport, feed, and house a new generation of microorganisms throughout their lives. The microbes collectively are a unique organism in itself, and as a government can influence the thought processes of its host through chemical interactions. Humans are bacillus buses stumbling around in life looking for meaning, and when your demise is at hand, the passengers are running out of all the exits rapidly. 

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