The senses have evolved as survival tools to ensure the organism’s continuation. Depending on their environment, and method of energy procurement, certain senses have eclipsed others in value. For humans, first and foremost would be vision, and right behind that lies the ability to detect and analyze the vibrations carried by the atmosphere, known as auditory perception or hearing. In most mammals, hearing ranks high in importance to avoid predators if prey, and to find prey if they are predators in compromised light. It also is used for communication amid the species. In humans, it is paramount for transferring ideas and values through language and creates social networks that form societies. The first sounds a fetus picks up in the womb is its mother’s heartbeat and farts. After birth, the infant is fabulously flooded with silly adult gibberish and emotional gobbledygook until it is a toddler, whereas they finally start processing and understanding their native language. Thereafter, the child is schooled in phonics and sentence structure to ensure clear communication amongst themselves. By their teenage years, humans have developed a level of verbal expertise that will stay with them for life and will be used throughout their careers and mate selection. Over time, treachery, lies, deceit, and deception permeates our speech, that was slowly installed by our experiences in life, and whittles honesty down to a nub. Constant bombardment from commercial advertising designed to extract your money for the universe’s best solution to your unending problems, slowly seeds arthritic ear drums. Bombastic bullshit from slithering salespeople aggravates the auditory nerve, and spewing, spousal stupidity inflames the intelligence that tries to organize in the brain. After a constant bombardment on a daily basis, the brain responds defensively and blurts out 4 words of genius that summarize the basic survival response inborn in all humans. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! 

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