The sultry Vicksburg Huffman, who was well rounded in life and her lifeform, was in constant contact electronically with all her loved ones. Not one to be in the dark on anything that influenced her world, she utilized the cell phone’s incredible technology to stay abreast on all information, and was known to heat up a cell tower or two to remain up to date on all pertinent knowledge. Her two most frequent links were her dashing, pacifist husband Dove, and her mother, Tinny, a striking beauty who won the marathon known as the Arian Race. With Scandinavian traits that set Viking ships to sail to Valhalla and back, the 2 were bonded in complete communication. Finger flicking out letters and digits on their honeycomb (cell) phones that came in designer colors and fabulous flavors, Vicksburg held the lead in technology mastery. Knowing that a picture is worth 1,000 words, she would constantly scan her emojis and select the appropriate picture in order to save time. Juggling a full-time job with child and husband rearing, meals, chores and endless minutiae, Vicksburg utilized these emotional billboards constantly. Her life was full of irons in the fire and laundry in the river, thus compelling her to utilize those single snapshots of life to quickly explain her dilemmas. One time when relaying to Tinny, the fact that one of her offspring was suffering from a digestive tract malfunction (diarrhea), she panicked when she could not find the appropriate emoji. Quick on her feet, Vicksburg employed the poopie emoji and combined it with the wind gust emoji (a visual fart) to facilitate the image of diarrhea. Later her fears were expressed to the artists at the Emoji Company (E.C.) to rectify this inadequacy. Since that historic event, the E.C. has taken on 56 more artists to further the universal language of communication. They provide emojis for all people of the world to instantly project just what the hell they are trying to say and portray with a single image. 

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