Humans have two choices for establishing emotional ties to each other. One is called a Relationship that ends in the letter P that represents the word “pleasurable”, and the other is a Relationshit that ends in the letter T that represents the words “tense” or “trying”. While all are seeking the Holy Grail Relationship, a lot of people are forced to settle into a Relationshit. This is due to the fact that you’re dealing with large numbers of human emotional wrecks, or emotional icebergs, or a combination of the two known as Titanics. This tidal wave of Titanics have flooded the planet to the point where even Noah would say, “God damn it!” Which is why humans compensate by bringing into their lives the precious cargo of the Ark, Animals. These furry, feathery, scaly, little creatures are adopted into their worlds to fill in the voids created by their Relationshits. Birds, cats, dogs, fish, and reptiles bring a special fulfillment to people who cannot extract it from their partners. Among the desirable traits are affection, attention, obedience, loyalty, and of course, that all-inclusive term, Love. Which, in its purest form, is the ability to sacrifice one’s life for another: an extremely rare event. Read the novel: A TALE OF TWO CITIES. Chasing an animal that will fill the emptiness should be well thought out though, as one adopted chimpanzee had ripped the face off its owner, and a boa constrictor’s possessor was found strangled by his beloved pet. Love was ruled out as the cause of death. You’re pretty safe with a painted turtle or a goldfish, but quite frankly, without the food, they really don’t give a shit about you. Whatever you choose, be prepared to be shit on and get ticked off, because like humans, they possess some sort of free will, your real enemy. P.E.T, a PERSONAL EMOTIONAL THERAPY.  

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