The machinery of the human body is astonishingly complex and eloquent in its function to extract energy from its environment and propel its landlord through fantastic space and finite time. The cast of characters present in this factory of life are many but fall into categories that sometimes overlap in the duties they carry out. The control system, or brain, runs the day to day operations like the administration of a company. If an unusual circumstance should arise, upper management invokes a committee to address the dilemma and respond accordingly in a timely manner; however, the human brain’s reply is nearly instantaneous. The energy procurement system, like the stomach, digestive tract, liver, and other organs are similar to a factory tapping into electrical and natural gas utilities, except the body uses miraculous chemistry to orchestrate work and motion. The ventilation system, including lungs and diaphragm, is a specialized energy distribution component, analogous to the ductwork of a plant. The intestines and kidneys extract nutrients, then transport solid and liquid rubbish towards the exits, the equivalent to a fleet of forklifts moving finished products and waste to the loading docks. The heart and circulatory ensemble mimic the central pumping station and corresponding piping, whipping essential liquid commodities out of their respective work cells. Then, there’s the immune system, a mirror image of corporate security entrusted with the prevention of notorious nasties from entering and invading the premises. All these departments are manned by professional team members known as PROTEAMS. When the PROTEAMS stop working, the departments shut down and begin to cascade failure throughout the plant. Injecting farm workers wearing suits will not stop the catastrophe because FARMERSUITABLES do not know how to get the job done. In a short while, your factory will be a rusting, spalling hulk in a graveyard of industrial dead wrecks. 

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