That seemingly unobtainable goal of retirement’s finish line has just been breached. You walk away from the podium amongst nimble applause, clutching your bronze plated SWIZZ watch, made in Java, as a token for your 4 decades of sterling service at, WHATEVER INC., which uniquely specializes in making one family wealthy. You made it. You are now free to venture anywhere you so desire. You are financially sound with your company pension (an astronomical $86.56 per day for life, provided the WHATEVER INC. family doesn’t sell out) and another two grand from the government per month less taxes and supplemental costs that’ll net you another 50 bucks a day. Pretty damn close to what you were making when toiled half your waking life away. Your $100,000 home is paid for with $300,000 usury tactics called a mortgage, but hey, now it’s yours. Never mind that the boat anchor will cost you only $350 per month to live in your own home due to taxes and insurance. On the horizon is another $36K in repairs for the next decade. Rearing its ugly head is the second law of thermodynamics stating that everything goes from order to disorder and there’s nothing you can do about it, except pay someone to fix what time and heat has decayed, ENTROPY. You figured on this and you’ll take care of most of the repairs, but materials only go up. What you neglected to foresee in your strategy was the fact that your internal organs made a decision to retire a bit after you did. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Those wonderful, hardworking organs that produced proteins that get things done decided one day to shut down production and create a log jam of medical problems that prevents you from achieving your ‘bucket list’. If you think the medical industry will fix you right up, they know very little about proteins, and whole lot about damaging chemical compounds. Your time here is brief. Live like you’re going to die because…’re going to die.

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