It seems that life, ALL life, has a propensity for failure, even extremely intelligent life. Gifted with a neural network that has the dendritic complexity mimicking that of a mountain of aspen trees, which is, in reality, 1 lifeform; that brain will still self-destruct. Solving any kind of logistics problem it will encounter such as transportation, thermal comfort, or work execution, intelligent life, at times, is not so intelligent. The humans who thought they could master the Earth, but exploiting greed, were trashing it. They were then brought under control by the CROW PEOPLE. Those people, in turn, after crushing the majority of the biped bacteria, were behaviorally crushed by the EAGLE PEOPLE, who answer to the uncrushable FUSION PEOPLE. This race of creatures makes their homes in the cores of massive suns. No matter where you are on the food chain, you are a target for some other lifeform, either impressively larger or microscopically small, such as bacteria or viruses. So, it would seem that the FUSION PEOPLE are the ultimate god or deity in this universe; but do they exist in another universe with different physical laws? Perhaps not. Perhaps the gods of that universe are the ENTANGLEMENT PEOPLE. That is the creative genius of intelligence, you can always make shit up, but then you create a creature that has similarities to the inventor, whether through physical attributes or inherent behaviors. Although the FUSION PEOPLE are not bipeds, as those crushing gravitational fields in the core of suns would turn bone into soup, they are revengeful. If crossed, they will retaliate, just like humans. Even though they are omnipotent, they are also mortal. In time, their homeland will supernova and their remains will be scattered throughout the galaxy. With time and luck, they may coagulate into a living human being, for we are composed of stardust. So, in reality, our gods are within us, and the whole process just becomes a repeating cycle of man and god.

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