Devastated humans dragged themselves up from the wreckage and started the rebuilding process all over again. Lost were thousands of specialized technologies that died with their experts. The ships that were spared were used until they ran out of fuel or a specialized part broke. They then reverted back to wooden ships because trees were now everywhere. They used these wooden vessels to transport their small communes to other parts of the globe to start new and morphing societies. Some people who shied away from physical work learned their languages well, thus becoming leaders, expanding their limited knowledge. As long as transportation was difficult, populations were low, and groups didn’t clash due to the distances between. Everything was fabulous on Earth. Meanwhile, over on Emma with not much to do because the blue planet was not threatened by any of its lifeforms, leisure time went up exponentially. With their advanced knowledge of physics, because they lived in 100% of the universe, contraptions to make their lives easier abounded. With their gravity ignoring vessels putting them on an occasional Earth surveillance route that caught the attention of a few of its residents, they soon headed over to Eve for some rest and relaxation. Cabins were built, resorts went up, and theme parks materialized overnight thanks to an abundance of dark matter and energy. The Crow People were enjoying their youth. Just because a civilization is advanced, it doesn’t give them carte blanche in common sense.  The space between Emma and Eve, including earth, soon filled with garbage deposited by the inconsiderate dark matter people. Beer cans and dark energy bar wrappers littered the spaceways. It was a major eyesore and was brought to the attention of the Eagle People, a powerful society who oversaw the Crows. Laws were enacted and the cleanup took place. The garbage was vitrified and transported out past Mars. Humans today call that landfill, the asteroid belt. 

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