My name is Hilda. I don’t have no picture ‘cause I can’t afford a camera. No matter, I ain’t pretty anyway. Last week, I was at my husband Tom’s funeral. He was crushed in a farming accident. We were burying him at Joe’s cemetery. Joe used to own a quarry, but cancer took his legs. Can’t run any equipment with no legs. Anyway, for $75, Joe will let you bury your dead in there, and he marks the grave on the rim of the quarry with a plywood sign ‘cause the quarry is unstable and keeps falling in. Joe lowered Tom’s coffin down the steep embankment with a winch he operates from his wheelchair. The cable loosens the rock we use to cover the coffin with. We were going down to cover Tom up with rock. I was carrying Baby Billy with me goin’ down the steep steps when I slipped ‘cause it snowed a lot the night before. There was a steel fence on both sides of the stairs. One of those cemetery kinda fences with the pokey tips on them. I didn’t want to fall all the way down with Baby Billy, so I threw him over the side that had a little flat area to catch the rock slides, not the steep side that went down to the bottom. It had fresh snow, so I knew he’d be OK. Doc said ‘cause I hadn’t eaten in 4 days that I was weak, so Baby Billy landed on the fence. His back was stuck on one of them pointy things and he began a-screamin’ and a-floppin’. As he slipped down that pointy thing, his legs stopped floppin’. Doc said the spinal cord got cut. Blood was filling up the diaper. Then blood started coming out his mouth and his screams were muffled. Doc said that was because another pointy thing went into his lung. He died right there in front of us. I could use $115. That’s $75 for the grave and $40 for marine plywood to mark both their graves for a long time. They deserve that. This story did NOT appear in the GO FUN ME Web site, but you can bet if it did, Hilda would end up with a lot of money. Compassion has its place in our lives, but the GO FUCK ME website can be a scam. BEWARE!

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