Our lovely planet earth is locked in step with a mysterious dance partner and doesn’t even know it.  Many fiction novels describe a counter earth that is blocked from our observation because it is directly opposite the sun from us and hence hidden from view. Astronomers and mathematicians have debunked this theory originated by the philosopher Philolaus to explain his theory of the solar system’s layout. They explain that Jupiter’s mass would eventually speed up or slow down the counter earth object in our orbital path and cause it to reveal itself. What they neglected to tell you is that there are 5 Lagrange points that could produce stable orbits in relation to earth. The 2 that are playing havoc with earth’s history are L4 and L5. These locations are approximately 60° ahead and 60° behind earth’s location in its celestial orbit. There is not one, but two other planets in our identical orbit. We cannot see them because of their near zero albedo, or planetary reflection. Due to the chemical composition of their identical atmospheres of an absolute black color, no sunlight bounces back to us. They are our stealth sisters known as Emma and Eve. The older twin, Emma, is ahead of our counterclockwise ellipse around the sun, guiding our 67,000 MPH roundtrip through space. Eve, the younger one, follows behind us, picking up any debris and watching our backs. They both contain identical, intelligent life that protects its privacy intensely. The lifeforms of our protectors have at times, landed on earth in their flying saucers that utilize dark energy for propulsion. Composed of dark matter and displaying somber personalities that contemplate death, these dark, Crow People constantly travel between Emma and Eve like humans going from home to work and back. They used to use the VORs they have installed on earth eons ago to navigate. These obsolete (V)HF (O)mnidirectional (R)adio transmitters on earth located all over the world are known to us as simply, Pyramids. 

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