Bobbi remembers his mother quite vividly. She was always shadowing his every movement and reined him in every time he sought to venture into the abyss to explore its astounding wonders. Bobbi spent an eternity with his mom in his early years and recalls that these were the most pleasant and peaceful times, close to his doting matriarchal parent. But what seemed like forever, suddenly ended and one day, Bobbi drifted away from his precious progenitor as all teenagers do. He recollects the sad look his aging mother had as she watched him depart, knowing she would never hold him again. She cried him an ocean. Bobbi meandered to the rural outback area where he grew in size and strength as part of his survival skills. His voracious appetite and encounters with extreme cold quadrupled his size as he approached adulthood and he waited. One day, news reached him about his mother. It seems that bright power plant she was living close to was old and unsafe. It blew up and in doing so, killed his mother and all her neighbors. Bobbi was absolutely devastated and spent eons in quiet solitude, very depressed. As time passed, Bobbi heard his calling and took his place in a new community, far away, close to a fusion reactor. It was there he underwent tremendous physical changes and now Bobbi was transformed into a woman. Sometime after that, an unknown drifter had impregnated Bobbi and she soon bore a son. Bobbi glowed proudly. Bobbi now spends all her time shadowing his every movement and reins him in every time he seeks to venture into the abyss to explore its astonishing wonders. The strange, quirky bacteria-like lifeform that lives on her skin, and at time creates annoying problems, can communicate with Bobbi in a very rudimentary fashion. She tolerates them only because she feels sorry for them and because she laughs at the cute name they call her son: THE MOON. The little parasites also refer to her as: THE EARTH. Bizarre little creatures, they are. 

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