As stupid as human beings are, at times, they get a flash of brilliance. The humans that surmised that the black powder that got sprinkled all over their carcasses was some sort of insecticide, weren’t too far off. It was a custom blended Homo Sapiencide that took effect just after the Crow People left the planet. Any human being that trusted their scientists and stayed out in the open, died quickly in the spot that they got covered in. Earth’s Mass Extinction number 6 was in full bloom in 3 short days. An estimated 90% of all humans got dusted along with a substantial number of his protein sources, known as livestock. As before in Earth’s extensive history, there now exists another black band on the cross section of Earth. These are the remains of that irritating bacterial infection known as man and his food source. Wiping out these invaders completely is against the creed of the Crow People, so a small percentage are allowed to survive as the descendants of the sailors who were out at sea, and the bureaucrats who hid in government bunkers, because of their insider information. The only hope for man to ever get out of his repeating loop of repopulation, and then annihilation, is for the surviving sailors to take out the greed gene and kill the crap that fleeces the masses. There isn’t much hope in that. The compassionate sailors always demonstrate pity on the fast-talking slime that crawls out of dark hiding places. Humans are engineered to fail but are constantly given chances to redeem themselves.  When looking into Earth’s past, we wonder what ever happened to all those advanced civilizations that we constantly dig up. The answer lies in that dark spot 60°ahead of Earth’s orbit in the planet some call Emma. The Crow People’s purpose is to monitor the planet’s health and take steps to ensure its longevity. They’ve done well because this prolific zoo just celebrated over 4.53 billion birthdays of suppling the universe with a unique flora and fauna.

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