Scientists speculate the core of the earth is an enormous sphere of the metallic element, iron. The reasoning behind this culmination is the observance of magnetic lines of force surrounding the globe and its influence upon a compass. It plays a sizeable role in protecting the organic, carbon-based inhabitants of the planet from damaging solar winds. However, thousands of years ago, the majority of people thought the earth to be flat and our planet to be at the center of the universe. The earth is just under 4,000 miles radius and the deepest man has penetrated is roughly 7.5 miles (Kola Borehole). In reality, Mother Earth contains at her center, a well-protected egg sack. That force effecting the compasses and repelling gamma rays is a little understood life force that exists throughout the universe. Flying around the cosmos are trillions of meteorites that are in reality, a sperm delivery system. In an extremely rare scenario, an occasional asteroid will penetrate the protective shell and spend millions of years descending through multiple layers to fertilize one egg with its DNA. The last time this happened, 95 million years after the formation of the solar system, the earth gave birth to the moon, her only son, and is still attached to his mother’s protected grip, gravity. He stays close to her until he seeks his own place in the solar system. Like Mercury, that sun loving little rascal, who broke away from his mother Venus, who to this day still weeps at the loss of her son and surrounds the planet in misty clouds. Mars had twins and Jupiter, that promiscuous bitch, gave birth so far to 67 little tikes. Saturn with 62 rug rats, Uranus with 27 brats and Neptune with 14 kids tends to show that big, gassy females are more fertile, and heat kills sperm. The closer you get to the sun, the less likely pregnancy is to occur. We need to install AC units on meteorites to keep their sperm cool if we want to enjoy another moon in our planet’s orbit. 

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