As the trainloads of the recently deceased baby boomers were being transported from the morgues to the crematorium smokestacks, the officials were adamant about burning the viruses out of the corpses. A new tactic known as the Instantaneous Amendment Addendum (IAA) allows the President to rapidly insert a Constitutional Amendment for the safety of the country. Mirroring a dictatorship tactic, it is not, because a democratic vote was needed to install the law. Makes sense? With the IAA, the President could override the freedom of religion by mandating that ALL deceased needed to be cremated, thus taking away their right to have a religious burial with a casket and a corpse. Hiding behind the COPAY VIRUS as a legitimate excuse for incineration, the government could now get rid of the old and the not so dead. With virus testing mandatory, statistics showing a positive for infection was reason enough to send any old geezer up the stack. As the casket scratching freeloaders were burning up, the government coffers were filling up, with fewer SS checks going out. The leak has been cauterized and the youth danced in the streets as their inheritance checks appeared. A few old fogeys were allowed to live as their knowledge was vital for the country’s safety. With all paperwork showing a virus negative result, a group of these ancient ones gathered in secrecy. Knowing that they all got the virus and survived, they saw the deceit behind the ploy. Not wanting to be tossed into a human Weber grill, the group needed to retaliate. Using their lifetime of knowledge to formulate a plan, revenge was in the works. Convincing the young law makers that they needed a celebration to congratulate themselves, they took the bait. As the 89,054 top politicians of the time converged on a domed football stadium, the festivities included a shower from above with a fine white powder. The symbol was purity, the substance was cremation dust, and the explosion was absolute. 

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